I have spent my entire life in the creative arts…from a very early age I was filled with a passion to ‘create’. After schooling in fine art, graphic design and interior design, my creative career has included working professionally as a graphic designer, greeting card and lettering artist, Event Designer and Interior Designer.

I am also a REALLY GOOD shopper…always aware of what’s current but gravitating towards items that are most often one step ahead of a trend.  Essentially, without even realizing it, I have been in training for the job of shop owner my whole life!

My Interior Design business, Just B Art+Design, allows me the opportunity to transform spaces in a very big way…from constructing or re-arranging spaces to changing up colors and furnishings to better meet a client’s lifestyle.  Provocatrix allows me the opportunity to share my favorite details, whether it’s a home accessory, the scent of a candle, a cool mug for morning coffee or afternoon tea, a handcrafted piece of jewelry, or the perfect greeting card and wrap for a special gift.  These beautiful details can take a day from ordinary to extraordinary!

Oh, and if you’re wondering where the name Provocatrix came from…I am never more content than when I can nudge (or should I say ‘provoke’?) a client or customer to explore outside their comfort zone and take a design risk.

Of course, just between you and me…I already know they are going to love it 😉